7 mai 2011

LORI MEYERS - NOFX La fille du dessus...

Lori Meyers used to live upstairs
Our parents had been friends for years
Almost every afternoon we'd play forbidden games
At nine years old there's no such thing as shame
It wasn't recognition of her face, what brought me back was a familiar mark
As it flashed across the screen
I bought some magazines, some video tape scenes
Incriminating acts, I felt that I could save her
"Who are you to tell me how to live my life?
You think I sell my body; I merely sell my time.
I ain't no Cinderella, I ain't waitin' for no prince
To save me in fact until just now I was doin' just fine
And on and on
I know what degradation feels like
I felt it on the floor at the factory
Where I worked long before, I took control now I answer to me
With 50K I'll make this year will go anywhere I please
Where's the problem?

Lori meyers habitait au dessus de chez moi
Nos parents ont été amis pendant des années
Presque chaque après-midi nous jouions à des jeux défendus
À neuf ans il n'y a pas de quoi avoir honte
Je ne l'ai pas reconnu à son visage,
ce qui m'a ramené en arrière et fait penser à elle était une marque familière
Comme si ça avait zébré l'écran.
J'achetais des magazines, des video tapes
J'ai incriminé ce qu'elle faisait j'ai senti que je pouvais la sauver

"Qui est tu pour me dire comment vivre ma vie ?
Tu penses que je vends mon corps alors que je vends simplement mon temps.
Je ne suis pas cendrillon et je n'attends aucun prince
Me dire maintenant que tu viens me sauver
quand ce que je fais est juste bien
Et  cela sans arrêt, sans arrêt
Je sais à quoi ressemble la dégradation
J'ai ressenti ça sur le sol de l'usine
Où j'ai longtemps travaillé auparavant
Mais j'ai repris le contrôle
Maintenant je réponds de moi

Avec les 50 000 que je ferai cette année
Je pourrai aller où ça me chante
Où est le problème ?

La voix de Lori Meyers" est celle de la chanteuse des Muffs.
(Titre extrait de l'album Punk In Drublic - 1994)
So we wanted to go back in to West Beach with Donnel, but it turns out now he's in rehab, and obviously is in no shape to record us. So Mr. Brett tells me to call his friend Ryan Greene. So I call Ryan and he records what is probably our best record.
It turns out Ryan has really long hair and knows a lot of metal bands, but he's pretty cool anyway. We record at west beach, but mix at EMI. This record takes about 3 weeks, which is about as long as we've ever spent on any record.
We had a bunch of weird people come in to play steel drums and flaminco guitar and stuff. We covered a Mark Curry song too, which a lot of people don't know. (Perfect Government) . This record turned out to be our best selling record. Without any radio or video play, it ended up going gold. Pretty neat. (Source)

Le Hidden Track de Punk In Drublic

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